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Government consults on upward extensions to deliver more homes in London

The Government and Mayor of London are consulting on proposals to encourage building upwards in London by adding a limited number of storeys to existing buildings to increase housing supply.  The consultation runs until 15 April 2016 and proposes to incentivise house building by: 

  • A London-wide permitted development right (with a prior approval) for up to 2 additional storeys, up  to the roofline of an adjoining building, with the additional space being used to provide self-contained additional housing units (see example below);
  • Planning policies in the London Plan to support upward extensions for new homes; and
  • Boroughs making local development orders to grant planning permission to extend upwards for all or part of their area, or for particular types of buildings.

In the terrace in example to the right, A or C could build up to two additional storeys no higher than the roofline of B. C and D could also build two additional storeys no higher than the roofline of B if works are carried out at the same time as the result of a single prior approval application. D could not build up at later time than C, or if C had not built up.

Anna Holloway, Senior Planning and Development Consultant

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