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Opportunities in North Hertfordshire as Housing Requirement set to Rise?

If you have land interests in North Hertfordshire for residential development there may be additional opportunities to promote them.  Where the Council did not previously know that land was available, it will not normally have been chosen for development. If you have previously submitted land to the Council but it has been rejected as a development option, these choices will need to be reviewed by the Council and there may be an opportunity to promote your site again.

North Hertfordshire District Council may need to identify sites for at least an additional 2,300 homes to meet the housing need in its area as of June 2015.

The Council needs to find land for this additional need. So far the Council has focused on key settlements like Baldock and Letchworth, as well as a number of smaller sustainable villages. It has chosen existing sites largely based on information submitted by landowners and agents.

If you have previously submitted land and the Council decided that there were issues preventing development or making the location unsuitable, the Council will now also need to review those choices and may add extra sites from its existing information.

The Council has already reviewed the Green Belt and found there are good reasons to release land in some locations.  The Council has not yet announced when it will ask for new sites however it is often best to engage with the Council as early as possible to explore what role your land and interests may play in meeting housing needs.

If you wish to discuss how you may be able to promote your interests in North Hertfordshire further or for any further information on our Local Plan monitoring please do not hesitate to contact us.

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