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Optimis has unlocked development in Peterborough through viability argument

Viability of development remains a key planning consideration and despite a strong economy, it is important that planning permission is granted with planning obligations limited what is necessary and reasonable and moreover allows the landowner to achieve a “competitive return”. 

Optimis has recently secured the removal of all affordable units off a 20 unit development in Peterborough as it was unviable to deliver the development with such a financial burden. 

Viability remains an essential cornerstone in planning decisions and we would encourage applicants to consider how this may assist them in securing commercially efficient development.  Moreover, it is sometimes possible to include viability assessment in section 106 agreements to allow applicants an opportunity to renegotiate planning obligations on viability grounds.  This can be a very effective tool in ensuring that developers are able to achieve ‘competitive returns’.

Justin Wickersham, Managing Director

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