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Stoptober arrives at Optimis

It is with a slightly heavy heart that I have been pulled into writing this blog piece.  Why is that?  The peril for not being in the office everyday has resulted in a decision being made without me.  My once esteemed colleagues have decided that we all partake in Stoptober, but with a twist  – what this means is that we all have to give up something that we love to eat or drink, for me that is chocolate.  The other banned items include sweets, alcohol, ‘designer’ coffee and crisps.  The penalty for failing to abstain is to become the ‘office slave’ for the day, so basically you might as well set up your office desk right next to the kettle! 

However, there is plenty of good that will come out of this, not only will it be an opportunity for us to show our support for people making healthy lifestyle choices, but we have also agreed to donate money to the World Wildlife Fund.

As a Town Planning and Development company we have a duty to ensure the protection and restoration of the natural environment.   We felt that a lot of the work  we are involved in is supported by the World Wildlife Fund, in particular the charity works closely with the Government on planning and infrastructure solutions, sustainable housing and the protection of wildlife.

So for one, however hard it will be to sustain from chocolate for one month, it is all for a very good cause.

By Fiona Baillie

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