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Local Plan Representations

5 Year Land Supply Analysis Case Studies

What We Do

All local authorities are required to have a Local Plan and 5 Year Land Supply in place, which means that they must allocate a certain amount of land for dwellings each year and set out a vision for their area. When a local authority has a deficit in their 5 Year Land Supply, this can be used as an argument for why an application should be permitted, but also we can put forward possible sites for allocation within this plan to the local authority, so that if they allocate this land it would help them to achieve their housing numbers and set policies for their vision for the local area. We believe that presentation is very important in selling sites to the Council and to developers.

Oddacres, Renhold

This is a site that Optimis brought forward at the beginning of 2012, which involved the alteration of the settlement boundary for the village, and the allocation of land for residential development. The development proposed here would be for 2 residential dwellings. The application for this site was put forward, and one of the arguments for this to be granted permission was that the council had a deficit in its 5 Tear Land Supply, and therefore this site represented a positive opportunity to increase the delivery of dwelling by responding to local opportunity and offering market choice.

Central Bedfordshire

We have promoted clients’ sites to the council for allocation in their plan. We also believe in having an open dialogue with the Council to protect our clients’ interests, to ensure the wording of policy does not prevent future opportunities for development and we have successfully suggested wording changes to the Council. Additionally we have put forward a number of different sites in Central Bedfordshire to assist with the deficit in the 5 Year Land Supply. These sites range from only a couple of dwellings to close to one hundred dwellings, throughout a range of locations.


Optimis worked with a national housebuilder on this project for 160 dwellings. We consulted with key community groups, including Stratford Voice and Stratford Society, as well as spending a lot of time working with Stratford Town Council to work through the issues they raised in their objection. The work we did and the amendments we made meant that the Town Council removed its obligations. Through this we gained the support of the council and the community and subsequently received permission for this development without needing to go to committee.

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