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Planning Appeal

Planning Appeal Case Studies

What We Do

When a planning application has been refused by the planning department where appropriate to the Planning Inspectorate, on our clients’ behalf for the Inspector to re-evaluate the council’s decision, we appeal. We will take the refusal decision notice and reanalyse the case to show that the application should have been permitted. We provide additional planning argument, and manage the process to create the appeal documents that we then submit to the Planning Inspectorate for determination. This can be by written representation, information hearing or public enquiry.

We have included below some examples of recent appeals that we have won.

Kempston Road, Bedford

This was an application for a temporary car park for approximately 160-200 cars which was refused planning permission on the basis that intensity of usage of the access was inappropriate given the Council’s highway concerns. Optimis was able to make a series of arguments that relied on showing that the technical highway concerns were unfounded and that the Highways department was exaggerating the impact of the proposal. Optimis was also able to focus on the benefits that the scheme provided and subsequently the appeal was successful.

Pennine Way, Kettering

This client built an extension for his kitchen believing it to be permitted development. The client came to us after their initial retrospective planning application was refused due to objections from the neighbouring properties. When we took over the appeal for this we argued that the objections of the new extension overlooking their properties were perceived not actual, and the planning appeal was allowed on the strength of our overwhelming arguments.

Alwyne Place, Islington

An application in a prestigious Conservation Area in Islington was refused. The proposals for dormer windows and roof lights to allow the creation of a maisonette, as an extension to a top floor flat, were refused in principle by Islington Council. Optimis was able to argue that as a result of the proposals being consistent with other similar designs in the area and the scheme was not materially harmful to the Conservation Area and the Inspector allowed the appeal.

Latchmere Road, Battersea

An application to convert a 3 bed apartment plus basement into a 2 bed apartment and a 1 bed flat was refused by Wandsworth Council. The council was adamant that an appeal would fail, however, Optimis able to overcome three technical reasons for refusal and convince the Inspector that the proposals were reasonable. The quality of the design that was led by Optimis in conjunction with the architects was at the heart of this success.

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