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Planning Application

Planning Application Case Studies

What We Do

We assist clients with their planning applications, by managing the planning process, liaising with the consultants required for each project (for example highways consultants and environmental consultants), drafting a carefully researched planning statement for each application to argue the planning merits of a case and submitting this with all of the relevant documents and information. If there are any amendments or further information that the local authority require we will provide them with the assistance they need in order to get the best possible outcome for our clients.

We have included below some examples of recent applications that we have submitted, and that have been successful.


This planning application was to demolish a block of garages and build an outbuilding which will contain a swimming pool and associated facilities. The Hermitage is a Grade II listed building, and therefore required a careful argument. The new outbuilding was designed in a contemporary manner to provide a contrast to the existing house. Another defining factor was that the swimming pool was of a sustainable design. This application was subsequently permitted.

Goldington Road, Bedford

We have worked with our client to gain outline permission for a new dwelling behind an existing house. We worked with local authorities (including the fire brigade) on a number of issues, including parking and emergency service access, and have recently received planning permission for this application.

Russell House, Ampthill

Optimis provided a range of planning services on a project for Campbell Buchanan and Lochailort Investments, to provide a 60 bed care home and 20 private residential dwellings on a prominent site within the Conservation Area. Working closely with a range of experts including a leading British architect a satisfactory development was designed through positive pre-application and community consultation. The application was approved in 2014 and it is anticipated that the scheme will be delivered during 2014.

Cozens Lane, Broxbourne

Bellway Homes instructed Optimis to negotiate planning consent for a residential scheme for 13 private dwellings. Constructive pre-application discussions with Broxbourne Council ensured that the application was dealt with swiftly and a further positive outcome was achieved with significantly reduced terms for the section 106. Despite a late Judicial Review by a competing developer, the consent was issued and the development completed during 2013.

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