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Rural Planning Applications

Rural Planning Application Case Studies

What We Do

We assist clients with their planning applications, by managing the planning process, liaising with the consultants required for each project (for example highways consultants and environmental consultants), drafting a carefully researched planning statement for each application to argue the planning merits of a case and submitting this with all of the relevant documents and information. If there are any amendments or further information that the local authority require we will provide them with the assistance they need in order to get the best possible outcome for our clients.

We have included below some examples of recent rural applications that we have submitted, and that have been successful.

Sudbury Farm

After an initial application for a modest extension to a grade II listed farm house was refused we worked with the client to re-introduce a much larger historic farmyard complex back to the site resulting in an impressive new farmhouse. Extensive research into the history of the site and protracted pre-application negotiations enabled us to achieve a result far over and above the original ambitions of the client.

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