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Our Services

The Optimis Group is a multidisciplinary team offering the best advice to our broad range of clients.

Householder Applications

Obtaining planning consent is not always a straightforward procedure.

Householder Appeals

We are qualified to act on a client’s behalf to manage the appeal process.

Enforcement Resolution

We can broker a positive relationship with the local authority.

Self Build

We put forward the best possible case on behalf of our clients.

Buying Land for Developers

We have a detailed knowledge of land negotiation, valuation and acquisition tactics.

Selling Land for Developers

We have considerable experience buying land, achieving best value

Development Appraisal Advice

We can provide a range of appraisal assessments to meet your needs.

Maximising Scheme Development

The cost of development and profit margins are becoming an increasing part of the planning process.

Architect Fee Referrals

We provide a specialist planning support service for complex applications.

Pre Application Advice

We advise on strategies to achieve the desired development outcome.

Planning Appraisals

We seek to provide guidance but ultimately take the lead for strategy from you.

Planning Applications

We present solid arguments in high quality presentation format to put forward the best possible case.

Planning Appeals

Our strategies achieve the best possible results for you.

Rural Planning

We understand that the countryside is both a beautiful place to live and to work.

Strategic Land Promotions

We offer a service to promote land for redevelopment.

5 Year Land Supply Analysis

We provide guidance on specific sites and or on whole administrative areas.

Viability Assessment

Our expertise enables us to understand development opportunities and quantum.

S106/CIL Negotiations

Advice on the implementation and renegotiation of signed S106 agreements, including clawback.

Community Consultation

Our hands on approach includes public exhibitions and dedicated email addresses and webpages.

Stakeholder Engagement

We aim to understand the needs and concerns of a community and create positive dialogue.

Neighbourhood Planning

We take time to understand the needs of the local community.

Listed Building

We can help you with all the legal aspects of owning a listed building

Enforcement & Lawful Development Certificates

Our approach is to have a positive dialogue with the enforcement team at the local council.