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Enforcement Resolution

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Enforcement Resolution

We understand that enforcement action is a stressful time. We work with you to give you honest and clear advice about how to appeal an enforcement notice and how to comply.

Receiving an enforcement notice is something that should not be ignored and acting quickly is your best way of dealing with it.

Whenever there is a risk of enforcement action being taken against you for works on your property which do not have planning consent, or when enforcement action has been started by the Council you should act quickly.

Building without planning permission can cause you issues, unless you are using permitted development rights.

Optimis is able to offer advice and a strategy for dealing with enforcement action. We will give you an honest view on your options and whether compliance is the best solution.

We are also able to offer pre-enforcement advice, for example when an enforcement officer makes first contact, or you receive a Planning Contravention Notice (PCN). We can work with you to set a strategy to best deal with the issues raised in order to try to resolve the problem.