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S106/CIL Negotiations

We also offer a service to seek the return of unspent s106 contributions.

Section 106 / Community Infrastructure Levy Negotiations

Planning obligations have a big impact on development and can often be confusing. Optimis has a strong record of ensuring that section 106 agreements and unilateral undertakings are appropriate and the sums contained within them are reasonable. Optimis provides reports for clients to understand their likely liability which can be submitted with planning applications.

We negotiate with the council on our clients’ behalf to make sure that the sums requested are justified and tied to appropriate projects. We have a good record of reducing inappropriate planning obligations. Optimis is also proud of its record of ensuring that money is delivered to the relevant community and of securing enabling developments.

Optimis also offers clients advice on the implementation and renegotiation of signed s106 agreements, including on viability grounds.

Additionally our team provides clients with guidance on the Community Infrastructure Levy, which is a complex tax on new development and should be considered from the outset of any new development. We have experience in negotiating miscalculated CIL sums and seeking reductions where the formula is unclear.