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Stakeholder Engagement

We aim to understand the needs and concerns of a community throughout the engagement process and to create positive dialogue.

Stakeholder Engagement

Early and sustained stakeholder engagement can be the difference beween achieving planning permission and not. Optimis' experience in planning and in politics enables our clients to benefit from a tailored stakeholder engagement strategy to support development.

We identify relevant stakeholders who should be consulted and attend meetings with clients or on their behalf. We are experienced in representing clients at town and parish council meetings.

We have a strong record of creating positive working relationships with even the most sceptical groups. We aim to create understanding relationships with stakeholders based on our history of serving our own communities. We learn about the local context and issues facing a community to understand representatives' concerns.

We also understand that securing development doesn't have to be negative for communities and we aim to find solutions which are beneficial to developers and the community.